View Full Version : fp100c45 and alt-process

5-Mar-2011, 05:44
Why does some film have UV blocking built in?

I have reused the negatives from fujiroid color fp100c45 images. (search archives of here for draino or bleach) and just did a vandyke print from one. I suspect it has some sort of UV blocking layer since it took 45 minutes instead of 10 minutes to expose under my metal halide light. Despite the long exposure, the tones came out really nice. Like a scan, the contrast is a bit lower than the instant print.

It was late in the evening and I didn't have time to do a cyanotype which takes longer.
I'm sorry not to share the image here, as I was also testing out a unknown paper at the time and the paper caused some blotchiness in the image. I was not scientifically prudent enough to only change or do one new thing at a time. I'll do another one on arches platine sometime and share it.

Just want to share that it's doable and can have nice results if you are patient.

5-Mar-2011, 19:20
Cyanotype wasn't quite as slow as I expected it would be. About 90 minutes 1' from the 400w metal halide lamp. This is double coated Arches Platine using the B&S kit.

The negative was cleaned with cold water on the emulsion side and draino bleach gel on the dark side.

The nasty looking vandyke was just me testing Canson Drawing pad paper 70lb. Didn't get good results from either side of it.