View Full Version : 210mm Wide Field Ektar on a 4x5?

Mark NY
4-Mar-2011, 23:03
Hi all,

I'm wondering if this will work, or would I be better off getting a 4x5 back for my 8x10 Deardorff.. Thanks, Mark

Brian C. Miller
5-Mar-2011, 00:56
It will work just fine, just like a 210 with a 4x5-ish image circle. You'll have more room for movements than you would otherwise, so feel free to try and tie your camera in a knot! ;)

Mark Sampson
5-Mar-2011, 07:01
I don't believe that Kodak ever made a 210 WF Ektar. Their focal length progression was 80/100/135/190/250mm. Do you mean a 250mm (10") Wide Field Ektar? Yes, it will work fine as a longer lens on 4x5. But it's a large lens in a #5 shutter, which might overpower the front standard of your 4x5 camera. Plus you'll want a narrow lens shade to offset the camera flare that results from the lens' huge image circle. But A sweet lens none the less!

Mark NY
6-Mar-2011, 00:04
Yes it's a 250 not 210, my bad! Thanks for the replies.

Lynn Jones
8-Mar-2011, 13:38
Those lenses covered 85 degrees at f22 at infinity, they were very good lenses. Kodak discontinued the LF lenses in late 1964 or early 65, that is why we created Caltars.