View Full Version : 47mm XL f4.5?

3-Mar-2011, 15:13
I just purchased a Schneider 47mm XL from B&H, the lens is marked as f5.6, the shutter is a copal O f4.5,with a rodenstock sticker on it. :confused:
I assume the shutter has been replace at some stage all is in good working order.
Any thoughts????:rolleyes:

3-Mar-2011, 16:01
Personally I'd return the lens and demand B&H to stand for the shipping.

If the shutter is not made for your lens, the aperture scale will be inaccurate, setting at F5.6 will not result in the lens being stopped down to F5.6. With such an expensive and ultra wide lens, I'd want it mounted in the shutter Schneider did the QC with. I'd also want to keep full second hand value.

Neal Chaves
3-Mar-2011, 19:16
I never heard of a 47mm f4.5 Rodenstock lens. The shutter is probably from one of the longer Grandagons which means the scale will not be accurate even at 5.6 or smaller. I second the suggestion to return it.

Noah A
4-Mar-2011, 05:55
Not only that, but who knows if the lens was properly shimmed when the shutter was swapped.

I'd return it for sure.

5-Mar-2011, 15:32
:mad: Thanks for the comments, I have sent an email to B&H, waiting on their reply.
will test the lens today. :(