View Full Version : Gaoersi viewfinder experience?

3-Mar-2011, 15:12
I did a search but came up with nothing usefull on these. I'm in need of a 65mm in 4x5 format for a point and shoot camera I've made. They're $90 shipped on ebay. Anyone use one? How about their zoom finder as well?


3-Mar-2011, 15:21
I'm tempted by one but been held back by poor a dire bank balance.

evan clarke
3-Mar-2011, 15:39
I'm going through a Gaoersi issue. I'd like to buy one of their 4x5s and have an 80mm Super Symmar. They have a cone for an 80 but no focusing ring. I was looking at the zoom finder in case I decide to fit it with a second lens but they can't come up with a combo for me..EC

3-Mar-2011, 15:44
Check the seller in China who has "wide angle focus helical" or something for sale. Maybe make one work for you? They have all sorts of focus scales.

9-Mar-2011, 14:36

9-Mar-2011, 18:00
a 65mm in 4x5 is about equivalent to 21 in 35mm film. thats what used and it seemed to work well. It was a bit expensive at 200 dollars. The Gaoersi viewfinder i could not see thru.... i would not recommend under any circumstances. I even called and asked if it was normal to see blurred ... the bottom of an old Coke bottle had better optics... they said that was normal ... The camera was the worst mistake i have made in years for a whole lot of reasons. And i really want to be positive here..... but i ended up selling at a considerable loss in money and time. but back to the point a Voigtlander or leica 21mm viewfinder is the approximate dimensions for a 65mm 4x5. If you want more info email me.


el french
9-Mar-2011, 21:03
How about one of these with a mask: http://www.sourcingmap.com/200-degree-door-viewer-peephole-with-back-cover-gold-tone-p-76835.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=froogle&utm_campaign=usfroogle

10-Mar-2011, 05:20
I have their 6x17 zoom finder. It does not really go beyond 90mm if you demand quality - past that, the edges are all distortion and CA, and the sides aren't properly framed any more, with the outer edge obstructing the view. The 6x12 should do the full range of focal lengths, if it is the same construction with a less wide mask, and if they do a 4x5 version (I can't find it anywhere) it should have even less issues. There are few alternatives, and they cost up to a magnitude more, so it is a good deal...

10-Mar-2011, 07:57
I have a 6x17 90mm finder, and the sides of the frame are a bit coke bottly, but usable.

The worst part is the body of the finder: the eyepiece cup is metal and not removable, but to see to the edges of the frame requires you to get your eye right in there. It's not for glasses wearers.

Lachlan 717
10-Mar-2011, 12:08
I have one of the zoom ones. Not particularly good.

However, I figure that if framing is critical, us the GG. If speed of getting the shot off is critical, most view finders will allow you to see enough to centre (rule of thirds, Golden Rule et al) to ping the shot off. Both have limitations, so just use the right tool for the job you have.