View Full Version : A Pleasant Surprise With A Wollensak 6 1/4" EXWA

3-Mar-2011, 14:39
My new (to me) Wollensak Series III 6 1/4" EXWA barrel lens arrived today.

The pleasant surprise was that the lens groups thread directly into an Alphax #3 shutter, front and rear. The Alphax thickness is exactly the same as that of the original lens barrel (micrometer measurement) and the mounted lens does focus properly. Presumably, Wollensak intended the lens to be fitted to this shutter.

I salvaged the shutter from an old oscilloscope camera and calibration of the iris ring will be necessary. I've done this before using the method described in Steve Simmons' book. I've found that a light box is a useful target when doing the calibration.

Brian C. Miller
3-Mar-2011, 14:45
Enjoy your new (to you) lens! These can be really decent lenses. Mine goes a wee bit soft on the edges, but it's something that can only be noticed when I have my 22x loupe on the negative. Mine is mounted on a Betax shutter, which was CLA'ed by Carol Flutot.

Carsten Wolff
4-Mar-2011, 09:41
I did exactly the same with the f9.5 Raptar version and it is a keeper. My bread-and-butter 5x7 lens.

Scott Davis
4-Mar-2011, 11:51
I got one of the f12.5 versions already mounted in the Alphax shutter, with the correct f-stop scale already engraved. It's a terrific little lens and covers (not too much) more than 8x10. I've used it on my 5x12 and while it gets soft in the corners with maximum rise applied, they're still acceptable for a contact print.