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2-Mar-2011, 14:42
does anyone have any info on this Hermagis Lens ? - it is marked

Hermagis No.20,881 Opt'n Fab Bte S.G.D.G.

history of Hermagis and how much these lenses sold for originally ?

thanks in advance for any and all assistance

Louis Pacilla
2-Mar-2011, 18:27
A couple of photos of your lens it would help spark some replies.;)

4-Mar-2011, 07:22
There is a book I saw in France on the history of this maker. But it was in French!

The Vade Mecum has scant information, and not much else on the net that I've seen. The Vade says they may have started as early as 1860, and there are ads from about 1865. They made petzvals, pillbox landscapes, Globe clones. I believe I've seen some wide angle rectilinears, Rapid Rectilinears and later, Eidoscopes.

There are no serial number tables, so you'd have to give us more than the engraving to tell you what you have.

alex from holland
4-Mar-2011, 14:12
Hi Garrett,

there was a thread over here which showed some historie about hermagis.
The table was posted by Luphot.


4-Mar-2011, 15:47
Oh that's right, I forgot about that table. Only gives approximations by decade though.

5-Mar-2011, 06:01
I have the book Garrett is talking about...
posting an image would help.

alex from holland
5-Mar-2011, 14:29
I have the book Garrett is talking about...
posting an image would help.

Do you have any info on that book ?
I would love to have some more info about hermagis as i am collecting them....



6-Mar-2011, 14:39
Hello Alex, this book is a limited ed of 100
written by Jean Loup PRINCELLE
edited by "le rve edition"
JL Princelle is writting a vademecum on French lenses and camera makers.
He edits a limited collectors ed when one folder is important enough like for Hermagis (30 pages) and Darlot soon (expected for spring 2011)
You may contact him at lereve.edidition@wanadoo.fr
but I bet the Hermagis is sold out now.
There's a little photo fair next week where these little books are usually avaible.
I'll look for some ...

6-Mar-2011, 20:04
this is the best image i have for now - thank you all


7-Mar-2011, 02:04
this is an Aplanat (same as Rapid rectilinar) circa 1890
N 6 is 270mm/10in FL