View Full Version : Technica III Range-Finder and parts

Nicolas Boretos
5-Jan-1999, 17:43
Hello, Wonderfull group. Have seen many references to people pulling the fangefinders of their Technica I II's for saving weight. My III has the RFbody intact and functional but not the internal linkages, mecha nisms or pivot. Cant figure out why someone would gut it. Found this out after I bought my first lens. I wonder if any one would like to sell theirs if they are not using them, as I a m more and more in need to shoot with the RF.

I know that the cam/lens/camera were matched but I am willing to give it a shot (winter home project). So if you may supply parts or leads for;

RF linkage assembly (everything inside the camera) Cams; I am using a 90 Angulon and a 240 Symar Convertible. Some odd little screws and the like. The SN is 50007

I would be forever in your debt.

If anyone is interested, I can send them some exploded engineering view of the III that Linhof in Munich gave me as they shooed out the door telling me tha t this camera is not supported anymore and I should buy a new Super.( In all hon esty though, they changed lensboards for me with out charge) I can also send a photocopy A3 of the Technica III advert showing different aspe ct of the camera. I think that there is must be some repair shops that must have some technicas ar ound. Siincerely, Nicolas Boretos

Larry Cuffe
7-Mar-2001, 09:00
I know I'm very late in responding to this but I would apreciate the exploded view if you dont mind. Marflex in the states might posible have parts but its a very long shot. More to the point re your statement "I know that the cam/lens/camera were matched but I am willing to give it a shot" i'd like to warn you gently that I have such a camera where the range finder is working but the 150mm lens and cam seriel numbers do not match. This is not a usable combination, even when the range finder and lens are set to match at a given focal distance by changing the point where the lens is clamped on the rails, the range finder does not work effectivly for other focal distances.