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1-Mar-2011, 19:37
So here it comes.
I'm not even close to being "handy" and not worked much with wood before. But have to start somewhere.

The camera looked like this when I got it, pretty much, except the ground glass had unfortunately cracked on the way over from Scott--, from the other side of the pond.
(these pictures is also taken by Scott--)

(a few more pictures here http://taulen.org/diverse/bilder/projects/korona_wp/ if interested)

So the first I have done is to get rid of all the old leatherette, and I'm pretty sure I'm just going to let it be wood, "just" sand it down, and stain it. As you can see, the wood can get pretty nice, just look at the "inside".

So these two images is after removing the leatherette.

So at least I have started =)
I need to get ahold of a new long gear "bolt/lever" not sure of the english word, not even sure I know the Norwegian word for it. BUt will post a photo sometime later, to get some ideas for how to even make, or get someone to make it for me, or whatever :P
Its for the front rise. There is NO gears left, at all.

Will probably start the sanding later this week.
Thank you for reading, and if ou have any ideas or anything, let me know, I apprediate any and all feedback.

1-Mar-2011, 21:46
These self-casing cameras are great. They're inexpensive, lightweight and come in various sizes. I've had a few in 5x7.
What is this "bolt/lever"? If you can post a photo, someone may have a better idea of what you need to provide or to point you in the right direction. McMaster-Carr is a company name that I see mentioned frequently for knobs, gears, gear track, and miscellaneous parts.
Have fun with the project.

2-Mar-2011, 07:07
I've seen several restored leather covered cameras, and they look very nice recovered. That's how they were made, and recognized. I can put you in touch with a guy that's done some re-dos, if you PM me, and he can tell you where he got the materials.

Richard Rankin
2-Mar-2011, 07:28
Here's one I had last year that was left wooden and stained. Richard


4-Mar-2011, 12:02
I guess for me originality is a prime consideration. So I would recover cameras that were originally covered. But some people like chopping the tops and lowering old American cars too....I like them original.

4-Mar-2011, 12:15
Stained, the wood will look too nice to cover back up. Your choice though.

When it's done be sure to add details to this thread: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=72936

It would be beneficial for others looking for ideas when restoring.

E. von Hoegh
4-Mar-2011, 12:22
I like that type of camera. Someday I'd like to get one in 4 x 5 or thereabouts as a small lightweight hiking camera.

Nathan Appel
4-Mar-2011, 13:32

4-Mar-2011, 14:31
Am also after a super-compact boxy 4x5 to replace my field camera. There were loads of these a few years ago but they've all been snapped up here in the UK.

Steven Tribe
4-Mar-2011, 16:04
Having 2 of these (4x5 and 8x10), I would vote for the reapplication of leatherette which is readily available with several grain patterns. Even when the metal fixtures have not stained the mahogany, you can see that the better grain mahogany has been used for the drop door, whilst elsewhere standards have dropped. Each manufacturer had it's own pattern in the leatherette.

One of these naked self-casing cameras is currently as "a rare tropical version"!

Michael Carter
7-Mar-2011, 15:17
My 4x5 Primo had enough leather left on it so that I kept it. It was softened with a conditioner bought at a Tandy Leather shop, shoe polished with liquid black, and it looks great. That saved a lot of work.
What I found was that when little screws in the wood are removed they often are rusted and then cannot be replaced. The hole is enlarged and the screw is decreased. A larger sized screw won't always work. Wood filler most likely must be used.
Michael Carter