View Full Version : What is a Copal Press Lens Shutter"Leica"?

Paul Schilliger
5-Jun-2000, 13:17
This item is mentioned in an online catalog, but with no further details. It is cheaper than an ordinary shutter, so would this be a simplified version of the s hutter, without diaphragm and with special 39 mm thread to allow the use of enla rger lenses with this Leica thread? Would the "Press" design by good for macro w ork? Thanks for any input!

8-Jun-2000, 04:34
It sounds like a special MP4 (Polaroid copy stand camera) shutter. I think you can still buy this from B&H and Adorama. I came across it when looking for a Copal shutter at both companies' sites. Do a catalog search at their websites and I think you'll one out.

http://www.bhphotovideo.com & http://www.adoramacamera.com