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Doug Clevenger
28-Feb-2011, 18:17
The following is excerpted from an article about work that Elliott Erwitt has accomplished in the realm of platinum printing. Has anyone looked into this ?

"Smooth prints with clear details
HP was lucky. One of its color scientists, Angel
Albarran, who is a photographer with a passion
for alternative printing processes, discovered that
green Original HP Photo Ink just happens to have
a very linear response to ultraviolet light. As the
density of this green ink on a negative increases,
the amount of light that makes it through to the
coated paper decreases in a very predictable way.
Albarran developed the Large Format Photo Negative
application to exploit this linear response, providing
accurate differentiation among tones right through
the grayscale spectrum. The result is that well-defined
details automatically show up in shadows, mid-tones
and highlights, and there’s also a clean white on
the final prints. Printmakers can now forget about
digital tone adjustments before printing, unless they
particularly want to darken or lighten part of the
original image."

New way to look at making our large negs for platinum/palladium prints.

Start experimenting again ?

Brian C. Miller
28-Feb-2011, 19:23
Did they say what HP printer was used?

Doug Clevenger
28-Feb-2011, 21:17
Brian - - start here :http://h41131.www4.hp.com/us/en/pres...-editions.html


Doug Clevenger
28-Feb-2011, 21:22
Also : http://h10088.www1.hp.com/cda/gap/display/main/index.jsp?zn=gap&cp=20000-20058-20295-20457^321990_4041_100__

and :


Brian C. Miller
1-Mar-2011, 00:20
Some of your links got eaten.

Portland Metro Photographic News: From Digital To Platinum, Pt 1 (http://www.pmpnonline.com/apps/blog/show/4454033-from-digital-to-platinum), From Digital To Platinum, Pt 2 (http://www.pmpnonline.com/apps/blog/show/4486147-from-digital-to-platinum-part-two)

HP article: HP technology gives artist Elliott Erwitt a new way to print classic photographs (http://h10088.www1.hp.com/cda/gap/display/main/index.jsp?zn=gap&cp=20000-20058-20295-20457^321990_4041_100__)
HP Designjet Z3200 (http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF28a/18972-18972-3328061-12600-3328079-3737540-3737543-3737547.html), $3,400
Large Format Photo Negative Paper Preset for the HP Designjet Z3200 printer (http://h10088.www1.hp.com/cda/gap/display/main/index.jsp?zn=gap&cp=20000-13698-15259-15788^322739_4041_100__)

Roger Vadim
5-Mar-2011, 06:16
This s great information! Thanks for sharing.
loved the "Rolls Royce and Ferarri combined" quote from the Portland website.
A true perverse hybrid;)

R Shaffer
6-Mar-2011, 15:20
Here is a link to a youtube video on the making of the Erwitt prints.


There was also a good dicussion of the new HP digi-negs over on DPUG.org and Angel comments & clarifies a few points