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28-Feb-2011, 13:20
I have owned this lens for three years now. I've taken a few shots with it but mostly I've neglected it. It really is a fantastic piece optical technology.

I've been trying to figure out, well, anything about this lens. Doesn't look like there is much information on it. The only site I've come across mentioning this exact lens is one representing the ID database side of websites. It's a shame that there is no mentioning of any auction details such as listing price, date or the like.

Now, I'm not planning to sell it in the foreseeable future as it is my only 300mm-and-up lens, besides the convertible 240mm Symmar which bends itself into a 420/12 with the removal of the front elements. Granted, you never quite can cover every point on the optical axis with lenses this grand, especially since I use it for 4x5". But then, you never quite can convince yourself that you should even try. Especially with a lens like this; so soft, in a very positive way.

I'll post a few pictures of the lens when I have time. Any information you might have on this lens is appreciated.




Dan Fromm
28-Feb-2011, 14:01
Go here http://www.collection-appareils.fr/accesnotices/html/lire_repertoire?repert=som_berthiot&marque=Som%20berthiot&modele=Catalogue&PHPSESSID=333965b3c0b5e4652c9d3802b532215d for a "between the wars" SOM Berthiot catalog with lens cross-sections.

1-Mar-2011, 03:58
Don't recognise the lens, but that plant is hauntingly familiar!

4-Mar-2011, 10:57
Some pictures.




4-Mar-2011, 11:01
You use the same method as I did for mounting big barrels to a shutter :D

4-Mar-2011, 11:24
You use the same method as I did for mounting big barrels to a shutter :D

Not exactly mounted (in)to a shutter but yes, I've found this to be one of the best ways to go about it.

Amazing piece of photographic equipment, that Sinar central shutter. I buy my lenses where I can get them cheap. The usual result is that the shutters are so gunked up that my limited knowledge in camera repairs is not enough to correct their issues with unreliable timing or, occasionally, no timing. By having the sinar shutter, I don't need to spend nearly as much money buying lenses (well, ones with shutters) in, or restoring them to, perfect working order.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that the Sinar copal shutter is the kind of investment that pays itself back in releasing its possessor from the need to invest an equivalent or, easily, a greater amount of money in the purchasing and maintenance of a collection of lenses in accurate shutters.

Steven Tribe
4-Mar-2011, 16:22
Agreed, agreed and agreed!
It makes even more sense if you can pick them outside e**y!

5-Mar-2011, 07:16
So, any ideas on what might be considered to be the amount of money that a prospective buyer could be expected to part from in acquiring this lens?

edit: Not implying that I intend to sell this beauty any time soon. Just planning ahead, so to speak.

Louis Pacilla
5-Mar-2011, 09:35
Seeing how it's a simple vanilla flavor Tessar formula. I would be surprised if the 300mm would break $100 usd & $150usd for the 360mm. This would be on a good day & they could sway $50 either way.

Tessar formula lenses are very very plentiful , Every manufacturer made they're own version. While they produce a nice image for a large aperture lens( Portrait) They are well,,, just common & really don't have any special fuzzy or rounded look. Nice enough but NOT big money.

Hell a genuine Zeiss Tessar IC w/ low serial # wont do much better.

This is of course, IMHO.

Dan Fromm
5-Mar-2011, 10:04
Louis, the f/4.5 Flor may be tessar-like -- take a look at the cross-section that you'll find if you follow the link I gave in post #2 in this thread -- but it ain't a plain vanilla tessar clone. With respect to prices, I think your fantasizing.

Lasse, the only way to find out how much you can get for it is to sell it.