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27-Feb-2011, 14:15
Not sure if this is the right forum section, but I am wondering about the proper storage of large vintage photos. These are typically mounted on a thick fiberboard board so that they can be put in a frame. Sizes vary widely and can range from those slightly larger than studio cabinet cards to larger than 11 x 17. The largest sizes are limited to typical wall frame sizes used in a home.

Likely the fiberboard board backer is not acid free so I would need something, or a combination of items, that would also neutralize the acid from the backer board so it does not damage the photo over a long time (many of these photos are over 100 years in old and still look new, but eventually the backer board will cause damage).

Michael A. Smith
27-Feb-2011, 15:57
You will want to use ArtCare materials: interleaving tissue and boxes. The board, which of course, is all-rag and acid-free, actively absorbs pollutants. It is the material that the National Archive uses and they have lots of material that, in itself, is not acid-free and is not archival.

Go to www.lodimaarchivalmaterials.com. Read my article, which is an interview with the inventor of this board, and see the products we handle. We can make boxes any size.

Michael A. Smith
Lodima Archival Materials