View Full Version : Cleaning Ground Glass with gridlines

Tom Keenan
26-Feb-2011, 17:47
I have a couple of backs that need a good cleaning. I notice that the grid lines drawn on the "ground" side of the glass are very fragile. If I use windex and a paper towel, for example, I end up completely removing the lines. I never realized that these were so delicate?? What is the proper way to clean ground glass like this?? Almost looks like wax on an original Deardorff back. Is that what it is?
Tom Keenan

Eric Biggerstaff
26-Feb-2011, 19:01
I pencil mine on so when I clean it, they wipe off, not a big deal - I just draw them back on. Nice thing is I can add as many or as few lines as I like.

Just make a template on paper. Make an outline of the ground glass and with a ruler make the grid pattern you like. Then, once clean, lay the ground glass onto the template with the matte side up and again, with a ruler, pencil the lines back on. You can use a very thin Sharpie marker as well which won't smudge as easily but are darker. Some people are bothered by the dark lines and at first I was as well but in short order I got to where I didn't even notice them.

Hope that helps a little.

Peter Gomena
27-Feb-2011, 17:12
First time I cleaned the ground glass on a Sinar, I used Windex and wiped half of them off. It wasn't a big deal, but at the price I paid for that camera at the time, I wanted to kick myself.

Peter Gomena

27-Feb-2011, 19:25
I had a couple of cameras without the grid lines, so I found sample grids on line, copies to a disc and went to Kinko's to print them off on acetate or what ever the clear medium is. Trimmed up and inserted under the clips or just taped on works fine and easy to replace. Just make sure they are in place and square to the glass.