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26-Feb-2011, 05:16
Can anyone tell me how stable this formula is. It is part "B" of a Diafine clone formula. From the APUG site.

Bath #2 -- [3 minutes spinning BTZS tubes]

Sodium Sulphite 32.5 gms
Potassium Carbonate 20 gms
Potassium Bromide 1 gm.
EDTA 1 gm
Water to make 500 ml

I'm interested to know if Potassium Carbonate has a longer or shorter working life in this formula than Sodium Carbonate.

Kirk Keyes
28-Feb-2011, 14:55
There should be no difference in the life of a solution prepared with sodium vs. potassium for carbonates. The thing that will limit the life of this solution is the sulfite. The sulfite will oxidize into sulfate with exposure to oxygen.

28-Feb-2011, 16:09
Thanks for the info Kirk. The actual formula does work very well so I may not worry too much about long life and just replace it on a regular basis.

Roger Cole
1-Mar-2011, 01:06
Humm, and it's a "Daifine clone?" I know I've kept the same quart jug of Diafine A and B and used them for over a year and a half. Capped off the stuff seemed to last practically forever.