View Full Version : Tachihara 5x7 Camera

Brian Ellis
2-May-1999, 20:28
I've seen a Tachihara 5x7 camera advertised by at least one dealer in "Shutterbu g" for about $1,200. I know that Tachihara makes a 5x7 back for its 4x5 cameras. I would appreciate it if anyone who owns a 5x7 Tachihara or is familiar with it can tell me whether it is a true 5x7 or whether it is just the 4x5 with the 5x7 back. Thanks. Brian

Jan erala
3-May-1999, 07:01
Tachihara mekes a true 5x7 camera. This one I have is sturdier and of better design that those 4x5 and 8x10 cameras made by Tachi that I have seen. Assure that the camera has the good fresnel-groundglass of Tachiharas.