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25-Feb-2011, 16:42
Hey guys.

stumbled upon you from google trying to find out a bit more about a camera I bought last week; from what I can work out its a Kodak Eastman no.3/5/7 cartridge camera, for 7x5 plate and HUGE roll film (huge huge)


someone in the past has hacked the 5x7 adapter plate to bits with a jigsaw by the look of it, I have NO idea why anyone would do this.


not sure if twisting these finial bits allows for tilting the front element?

Its a shame the 5x7 adapter has been chopped up, but I also have a single piece back, I presume that allows the use of the roll film?

I'm in two minds whether to keep this and find a lens/shutter assembly for it and get some use out of it. OR just ebay it and hold on until I find something more modern? But i have no idea of its value, since its a kodak I'm assuming they made thousands of these and their fairly popular?

My idea was to do some decent large format landscapes (not too fussed about format) but on a serious budget.

Cheers for any advice you can give!!

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25-Feb-2011, 16:47
it's gonna need the latest firmware upgrade from kodak.

Peter Gomena
25-Feb-2011, 18:54
Too bad the back was hacked. I've seen 5x7 roll film negatives from a camera like this, all made circa 1900-1905. They were really pretty darned good. I have to wonder when Kodak stopped making those big rolls.

Peter Gomena

26-Feb-2011, 08:48
Kodak #5 cartridge camera
I have a #4
A standard 4x5 filmholder fits mine although i have not tried to shoot it, or to see how like a collander the bellows are.
Are you sure the back is hacked or is it just broken?
In anycase a fix looks fairly simple [yes easy from where I sit].
I had a couple of small chips off the adapter and so glued on strips of wood and painted them black-inelegant but adequate. I also made a ground plastic screen for viewing
Mine has Planatograph lens- a form of Rapid Rectilinear.
As for roll film
Obviously the film itself may be a huge problem.
But the other is that for rollfilm there is a roller assembly that goes in for rolls, out for holders. Mine is misssing, but I've seen pictures of one- a pressed aluminum frame to hold a roller on each side. And you say you have the flat back .
It appears that earlier models , ca 1898 use a wooden front standard and the later ca 190x metal as you show. Without looking it up, I recall that the #4 and #5 may have been made for only about 5 years.
Perhaps a 203 Ektar will fit the lensboard and you will be off and shooting, if 5x7 holders fit like 4x5s fit my #4- check your T depth to the GG and adjust as needed
Your leather appears very good too
Very Cool

26-Feb-2011, 12:29
excellent info, cheers guys!!

Yes its got a little bit at each side for holding the roll in the case, and a non-return knob on the bottom to wind the film forwards only. But any other assembly is missing :/

I have an ENORMOUS pile of dark room paper, if I could use that as a very rudimentary way of capturing images? I've used bits of darkroom paper before in 6month pinhole cameras (tracing the suns path) to reasonable effect. in my stash is a whole pile of contact paper, high silver content jessops stuff and two packets of 10x16" panchromatic paper, any of that usable for such use?

If I want to build a half useful large format (any format) camera for decet landscape work, am I better selling this kodak (if so what sort of value could I expect?) and putting the money towards something more modern, or just get a lens/shutter for this and it would be OK enough?

I got a new darkbag/change bag for the camera as well.

26-Feb-2011, 13:57
Doubt that you have tilt- I don't on the #4 and your standards appear to be very similar
Rise works by pinching those outer doohickies at the top corners of the lensboard- The grooves in the posts are for rise/fall increments.
Looks like you also have shift- I understand folks that speak actual english call that cross.
Try a standard 5x7 holder. If it fits, or you can adjust for it, get a lens.
It should work pretty well for most landscape work without tilts.
You can get a camera with tilt etc- probly bigger and heavier, if you find that you just GOTTA have tilt, later

26-Feb-2011, 15:24
yes, your right! It has rise and shift!!

I had figured the bits couldn't have been purely decoration. it all functions really nicely. I'm a bit excited about getting this in use!

Any idea on how much for a working lens?

18-Mar-2011, 14:10
I've given up trying to find an affordable lens in the end. Just put the camera body on ebay (UK), will find another more complete large format rig in the local auction rooms instead as it'll be a lot easier/ cheaper to get what I'm after that way, it just might take a bit of time until what I want comes up!