View Full Version : 171 Arca boards

gari beet
25-Feb-2011, 02:30
I have a chance to get an older Arca in good condition, but I would like to use my linhof boards, do the new 171 boards fit these older cameras? the model is a Pro.
I am looking to get a new adaptor board if it will fit.

25-Feb-2011, 20:11
The later lens boards fit the classic arca cameras but differ from the flat backed original lens boards in having low ridges that act as light traps.

If the foam light traps in the classic arca are in good condition you will be alright.

gari beet
26-Feb-2011, 01:11
Thanks Jackpie, I am awaiting the cameras arrival. Hopefully it will be fine, it looks OK in the pictures anyway.