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25-Feb-2011, 01:56
I have a Aristo Cold light D2 + RH Design Analizer Pro and I have some problems with the paper.
Until today I use a Foma paper so was good in my setup. Yesterday I make some strip tests with Ilford multigrade paper so all goes wrong. I need to ask you some questions please:
1. What paper is good for use with Aristo Cold light head D2?
2. If I use cold light need to put filters for compensation? (Kodak CC Filter-40Y)
3. Ansel Adams write about paper to use: Ilford Gallerie grade 2; Oriental Seagull ...

Please contact me if you use:

Aristo Cold light D2
RH Design Analizer Pro

e-mail: contact@georgepopovici.ro

John Berry
25-Feb-2011, 10:15
It didn't go wrong, it went different. You are going to have to do the same with each paper, as you had to do to get your base info with foma.

Brian C. Miller
25-Feb-2011, 13:32
You have to run through the calibration procedure for the new paper. Just follow the RH instructions.

The paper AA mentions is graded paper, not multicontrast. Different brands of multicontrast paper behave differently from each other, so you have to go through the calibration sequence. The paper will be fine once the calibration is complete.