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24-Feb-2011, 14:25
I was outbid on the only Peckham Wray I've ever seen. Anybody ever owned one or seen one for real?

Louis Pacilla
24-Feb-2011, 14:59
never mind.

Dan Fromm
24-Feb-2011, 15:18
Ash, I've never had a complete camera, did buy a pair of 135/4.8 Lustrars on Peckham Wray lens cones. Gave the cones, which contain focusing helicals, to friends who needed helicals and said the P-W ones would meet their needs, had one of the shutters (Synchro-Compur P) overhauled and my 135/5.6 jes' plain Symmar lives in it. The other shutter was unfixable. The Lustrars were unusable, unremovable crud on the cells' inner faces.

I have had a Periflex, to which the P-W is surprisingly similar. The Periflex actually belonged to a friend who asked me to sell it for him. I had ample time to play with it, don't understand its appeal at all.



24-Feb-2011, 15:31
Hey Dan, I actually found your lens list mentioning those lenses whilst I researching the camera.

It's interesting, I've never seen a TTL/SLR 5x4 that's so small

Dan Fromm
24-Feb-2011, 15:46
Ash, I think that the 4x5 Printex is similarly compact. Replacing the press camera front door/focusing track and bellows with a cone allows a very small body. Where the P-W beats the Printex is in having interchangeable cones.

Re the list, I hope you enjoyed looking at it.

24-Feb-2011, 16:26
The Printex seems even more elusive...!