View Full Version : Plan for vacuum frame for contact printing

23-Feb-2011, 02:48
Hi there everyone.

Does anyone posses a plan for DIY vacuum frame for pt/pd printing. I am planning on making a 16x20 size one. Photos of a DIY project would be most welcome if there are no plans available :)

Jim Michael
23-Feb-2011, 06:16
I will describe the one on my UV exposure unit, although I'd maybe try to find an exploded parts diagram for one of these commercial units to get a good idea of their construction. Mine has a rubber gasket around the circumference and a rubber mat inside that is perforated. A vacuum pump provides the suction and there is a suction gauge as well as a relief valve to limit the amount of suction. Then plate glass hinged at one side. McMaster-Carr is a good source for industrial parts in the US, but I'd also check the manufacturer of the commercial units for spare parts like vacuum pumps.

Nathan Smith
23-Feb-2011, 09:45
Here are a couple of earlier threads that may or may not be what you're after:


Nathan Smith
23-Feb-2011, 10:24
Here's another link (I'm interested in this too as you may have guessed):


Bostick & Sullivan's site apparently used to offer some info on a DIY vacuum frame but it's been taken down.

23-Feb-2011, 10:44
Ok thank you for your replies :O)

I will try and find some photos since a photo speaks more than 1000 words. But I think I get the basic idea.

In the meantime I found these photos and wonder if it will work for Pt/Pd since the paper+film is so much thinner than the copperplate.: