View Full Version : Where to get bulk printing done?

22-Feb-2011, 21:48
I have a large cache of 4x5 B&W negatives that I obtained directly from a combat photographer from WW2. I don't have the equipment to process that large a format. Is there a company that will process each negative so I can see what the collection has. My local photography store says it would cost a fortune for them to do it.
Any suggestions?

Jon Shiu
22-Feb-2011, 22:00
Just take a photo of the negative on the lightbox with a digital camera. Then load it into the computer and "invert" in your photo processing software, ie photoshop or some ther program etc.


22-Feb-2011, 22:14
Never thought of that.
Its worth a try.

David de Gruyl
23-Feb-2011, 05:18
If you have a darkroom or can access one, even if your enlarger is not able to handle 4x5 negatives, you can make contact prints. Note: either scanning or taking the picture on the lightbox (mentioned above) would be faster. If you don't have a lightbox, set the computer to project a neutral even light and use the monitor.

If they are fairly consistent exposures, you can print four per 8x10 sheet, which cuts time a bit.