View Full Version : Assistance Identifying Brass and Wood Camera ?

22-Feb-2011, 17:33
I would appreciate any help I could get from the forum to identify the following camera.


The only marking anywhere on the camera are actually on the lens - Hermagis 20881

thanks in advance

22-Feb-2011, 18:42
More views all around plus details and posting them as thumbnails that enlarge might be helpful.

22-Feb-2011, 19:06
Thanks Lenser - here is what i can do at this point

front shot


back shot


22-Feb-2011, 19:20
As my nephew would say, 'This is cool beans'. Hopefully someone will recognize this and be able to help you. I'll be going through some of my camera history books tonight to see if I can find out anything.

Brian Ellis
23-Feb-2011, 08:34
It's going to be hard to tell I think, there's nothing particularly distinctive about it (except that it's very nice looking of course). There were lots of small camera makers around the turn of the 20th century until Eastman put them out of business or bought them up. This one could be from any of them or could even be home-made (which the absence of any markings at all might tend to indicate). But I'm not an expert on camera history, maybe someone else can identify it for you.

23-Feb-2011, 09:47
It's a "nice one."

I'm no expert on camera history, but design-wise it looks like it falls between the all-wood wet plate cameras of the mid 1800's and the more packable view cameras of the early 1900's. From the pictures it looks like only the back standard moves (with fine focus on the lens).

Here's the camerapedia article on Hermagis : link (http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Hermagis)