View Full Version : Can't find 8x10 High Gloss Color Photography Paper why?

22-Feb-2011, 00:12
Can't find 8x10 High Gloss Color Photography Paper why? After I get my 4X5 Negatives done why am I unable to find Color paper to use with Kodak Chemical in a processing Drum need High Gloss 8x10 Color Paper. any Links would help.

Brian C. Miller
22-Feb-2011, 00:23
Freestyle Photo, Fuji Crystal Archive (http://www.freestylephoto.biz/c1201-Color-Paper-RA-4-Paper)
B&H (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/Color/ci/801/N/4277998792) is selling Kodak glossy, but only in rolls.
Contact Glazer's Camera (http://www.glazerscamera.com/) darkroom department, and check to see what they have in stock or can order for you.

Daniel Stone
22-Feb-2011, 08:26
idk if the OP is referring to the "super gloss" from Fuji.

its similar to Cibachrome in surface quality(almost looks wet, even when dry). Higher contrast than normal c-type enlarging papers, and definitely GLOSSY :o!

idk if it was ever cut into sheets however, just rolls IIRC. So if its cut sheets they're referring to, probably the regular glossy paper that is widely available in cut form.


Drew Wiley
22-Feb-2011, 09:58
Fuji Supergloss did use to be offered in sheets, but now it just seems to be available
in 30" wide rolls. An inquiry could be made if narrower rolls are still available.

Drew Wiley
22-Feb-2011, 11:09
Should have noted - Fuji Supergloss is not a high-contrast material, but about the
same contrast as their regular C paper. The Kodak material is not equivalent, but
a "metallic" look for special advertising displays.