View Full Version : sinaron w 90mm shutter question

21-Feb-2011, 21:16

I'm fairly new to the LF game and I have just recently purchased a sinaron w 90mm 4.5 off of fleabay and upon arrival I realized that it is in a different shutter configuration than what I need. I believe it is the db mount, has an aperture control as if it were a slr lens that snaps back when not under tension.

anyway my question is, the front and rear elements come off, from the shutter assembly, is it just a case of getting a correct copal shutter and lens board to mount it to my toyo 45d?

so I live in the San Francisco Bay area, does anyone know of a reputable lens shop I could bring this configuration to so that I can use this wonderful lens?

would the camera shop on taraval be able to help me out?

22-Feb-2011, 11:03
You can get a Copal shutter and lensboard from Sk Grimes : http://www.skgrimes.com/products/index.htm

Steve Hamley
22-Feb-2011, 12:03
You'll also need the aperture scale made for the shutter, which S.K. Grimes can also do.

Cheers, Steve