View Full Version : 270mm Linhof Tele-Arton f/5.5

20-Feb-2011, 11:14
So, after years of shooting my beloved Speed Graphic (with working rear shutter and smooth, if limited movements) I jumped on a Craigslist find of a Linhof Super Technika with a couple lenses and accessories.

What I found that I ended up with was very clean and well taken care of Super Technika IV, as well as a 135mm f/3.5 Linhof Xenotar, as well as a 270mm Linhof Tele-Arton f/5.5... I've done some research about the Xenotar and am pretty stoked about that, but the Arton I don't know much about, and I can't really find much about them online...

So, what've I got here? I don't typically use Tele's but I'm not opposed to the idea, it'd be nice not to have to be up in someone's grill when I'm doing a headshot... But are they typically sharp? Multi-Coated? Good for color and b&w? Are they worth anything?

And a pic, of course.

20-Feb-2011, 11:37
For my Technika I have a 90 Angulon, 135 Xenotar, 180 Symmar, 240 Symmar, 270 Tele-Arton, and 360 Tele-Xenar, all RF coupled. The Xenotar is superb. The only dog among them is the 270 Tele-Arton, in that POS the Compur 2.

20-Feb-2011, 11:52
So, no bueno huh? Could I sell it ya think? What's it worth?

Armin Seeholzer
20-Feb-2011, 12:39
Interesting mine is tack sharp from f 11 till f22 you will not get mine!

I would test it for myself if I would be you!!!!!

Cheers Armin

Frank Petronio
20-Feb-2011, 12:45
I had one and it was a nice portrait lens wide open, not sharp-sharp but more than acceptable and with nice bokeh.

Perhaps there is a lot of sample variation with the older Schneiders? I've heard their quality control improved through the 60-70s.

The one caution with telephoto designs is that your camera movements won't function the same as a normal lens because of the optical design mumbo-jumbo. But it's not the sort of lens you'd want to use for crisp Ansel Adams landscapes either.

I know of your deal via Hollis, nice score ;-) congrats. I would have bought it in a heartbeat as well.

20-Feb-2011, 14:09
I know of your deal via Hollis, nice score ;-) congrats. I would have bought it in a heartbeat as well.

Frank, crazy small world huh? I've been following your blog and posts for the better part of a year. Then I get hooked up with Hollis who knows you. Love your work though man, much respect