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20-Feb-2011, 02:56
I'm a newbie and looking for a standard lense for 4x5. I lean toward telephoto in 35m. I'm shooting landscapes and typically backpacking. What are people's take on Caltar hr 180? It is reasonably priced. Other suggestions?

Joseph Dickerson
20-Feb-2011, 10:48
I personally like the 180mm focal length. Others might say that it's kind of an "in betweener" but we all have our preferences. My 180mm is a Caltar IIn (Rodenstock) but the Caltar HR series of lenses are actually Topcon lenses. These can also be found under the Horseman brand name.

The Topcon lenses have a strong reputation, I have a Caltar 150mm HR that is one of my sharpest lenses. If the price is right and the shutter checks out, I'd say go for it.


20-Feb-2011, 11:11
I use my 210 a zillion times more often than the 180, but everyone has a different eye.

I to like the tele in 35 and 120, 180 in 4x5 just doesn't seem like much of a tele to me

20-Feb-2011, 19:11
Thanks for the comments. Any recomendations on a good cheaper 210.

20-Feb-2011, 19:20
Thanks for the comments. Any recomendations on a good cheaper 210.

Fujinon; excellent glass, good prices.

Dan Fromm
20-Feb-2011, 21:59
I doubt you'd make a bad mistake with any 210/5.6 plasmat type from one of the big four (in alphabetical order, Fuji, Nikon, Rodenstock, Schneider). If you look around you can find which 210 Caltar was made by who. Also, if budget is a major problem the 210/6.8 Geronar (Caltar-E, I think, and a triplet) has a good reputation. The best of the 210 Tessars is probably the 210/6.1 Xenar but I have no idea of the prices they bring.

Remember that all used lenses' shutters are suspect and may need a CLA so budget for that and hope to be pleasantly sturprised.

20-Feb-2011, 22:13
What all is involved with a CLA? Should I anticipate complications? How much should I be budgeting?

21-Feb-2011, 11:27
If the Caltar HR is a Topcor, they are truly excellent lenses, as good as Fuji, Nikon, etc but without the price. I have a 210mm Topcor f/5.6 plastmat and and really like it, though the airy disk is a bit "impish" for my tastes. I would most definitely choose it over the 210mm Caltar Geronar I had back in college.