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Carlos H. Santana
1-May-2000, 10:53

I would like to hear your comments about large format slide film for portraits ( 4x5). What do you normally use for that purpose? (daylight film)

Thanks a lot for your help.

Regards, Carlos

1-May-2000, 11:07
Try provia F, I've yet to try it myself, but I have heard good things about it, apparently sharper than velvia. Alternativly there is astia, I d'nt know mutch about the newer kodak emulsions though.

Ron Shaw
1-May-2000, 12:02
Ive had good luck with Kodak EPN and EPP, also. Astia is probably better than Provia for portraiture. I like Provia for most applications, but it still has typical Fuji reds which are quite saturated, and doesnt reproduce skin tones as accurately as old faithful EPN.

Glenn Kroeger
1-May-2000, 12:34
Astia is the best bet from Fuji... lowest saturation and good shadow detail.

Natha Congdon
1-May-2000, 19:33
I've been very pleased with the new Provia F, which I have been using at 8 X 10 for portraits of my two-week old daughter. Saturated color and great skin tones, to my (doting) eye, anyway!


Ellis Vener
2-May-2000, 01:33
I use Astia, Provia F, Velvia (yes really), E100S, & EPN100 depending on the "lo ok" I am going for. Velvia is obviously the most color saturated of these and I usually reserve it for times when I am gelling my lights or looking for ve ry bold coloration. Astia is a better general pick.

Jacque Staskon
5-May-2000, 01:14
I have to agree with the Film from Fuji. Consistent in sheets and wonderful tonal qualities. The Astia film is even toned and very realistic. The Provia F seems to have more snap. Just make sure your lab processes the film correctly.

Chris Hawkins
5-May-2000, 22:31
Astia portraits can be breathtaking.

6-May-2000, 01:28
This is nice to hear, because after 10 years I've (finally) decided I hate Velvia and ordered my first box of Astia several days ago. From what I've heard here, I'm going to like it. Will be using it as a general purpose film.

better shadow detail, someone said. How does it compare to Velvia in non-skin highlights?

(Velvia slides can be stunning, but they arent what I see what when I trip the shutter).