View Full Version : Looking for Kerry Thalmann

19-Feb-2011, 13:21
If anyone knows the whereabouts of Kerry Thalmann, please forward this post to him.
I have been waiting to hear from you since December 23rd regarding the 4x10 film holders that were listed for sale on this forum. I have sent numerous emails and called your cell phone and home number - left messages and received no response. I sent you $1328.75 for film holders back on December 2 and never received them. I have been calling and battling Paypal for over a month trying to resolve this matter and I know you have been contacted by Paypal but have not responded. I need to get this matter cleared up IMMEDIATELY. This is not the way to conduct business.
Susan Harlin

23-Feb-2011, 18:43
I received notification from my credit card company that my chargeback has been finalized in my favor.

I also checked my PayPal account and the balance there has been restored.

This morning I received a private email from Kerry. We are working in private to understand exactly what occurred. I will not comment further here since Kerry and I are now communicating. For those that are concerned about Kerry, he is fine.

Thanks for your patience and understanding regarding this matter.


Kirk Gittings
24-Feb-2011, 11:00
Everyone has had their say. I'm going to lock this thread till we finish our moderator discussion and figure out what to do with it.