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19-Feb-2011, 06:42

I have acquired a number of very large and heavy lenses which I think are aerial camera lenses. One in particular seems interesting. It is an Eastman Kodak 3 and half inch prism lens (views at a right angle) with a 21 and quarter inch focal length lens anastigmat lens made in Rochester by Eastman Kodak. Anyone have any more information about this or what it may be worth etc? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much


Steven Tribe
19-Feb-2011, 07:36
The 21.25" could be a Copying Ektanon by Kodak. Not a high value item. You could do a search here.

Jim Fitzgerald
19-Feb-2011, 08:17
Tim, I have and use a 21 1/4' Ektanon on my 8x20 with plenty of movement and the lens is very sharp and contrasty. I'll bet it will cover 16x20 or greater. They do not sell for much and are very heavy but personally I feel they are nice lenses.

erie patsellis
19-Feb-2011, 08:34
I'd agree with Jim, the Ektanon is one of those little inexpensive gems, used to be a lot of those until the word got out. If you shoot ULF it's a nice, inexpensive way to get a great image on film.

19-Feb-2011, 12:43
Thanks for the replies so far, you have been really helpful