View Full Version : Neat Lotus on e-bay

austin granger
18-Feb-2011, 21:23
I'd never seen one of these before. Check it out:


Anybody need an old, beat-up Nissan Maxima? It's yours for only $6999.95! Ha ha.

Brian C. Miller
18-Feb-2011, 21:52
Lotus Cameras, 4x10 (http://www.lotusviewcamera.at/cameras/lovica_4x10_e.html), 3500 euros, $4800
For what you get, looks like a reasonable price.

Oren Grad
18-Feb-2011, 22:40
It's been up for a very long time, waiting for just the right buyer to come along.

Pete Watkins
19-Feb-2011, 02:17
Are those really plastic knobs?

Brian Ellis
19-Feb-2011, 07:16
A friend had a Lotus camera, something like a 4x10. It was a beautiful camera and very well made but I've always thought Lotus cameras in general were overpriced. I think you're paying a lot for the high cost of doing business in Austria. I also have a vague recollection of a well-publicized dispute they got into with a U.S. distributor or retailer some years ago, which maybe is why they don't have a bigger presence in the U.S.