View Full Version : Scratches on negatives

John Sarsgard
5-Jan-1999, 12:36
Have a few 4x5 negs from the time I was learning to tray develop that I really l ike, which have minor scratches. Not all the way thru the emulsion, but enough so you notice them on an 11x14 viewed up close, particularly in large uniform ar eas, like sky. Any good ideas on how to make less visible?

Jim Norman
5-Jan-1999, 15:30
If the scratches are minor, I'd try the old "nose grease" method. Rub your index finger along the side of your nose, and then on the scratched area. It works better than, and is not as sticky as, the Edwal product.

Try it. It works better than it sounds.

Rob Rothman
6-Jan-1999, 21:39
As a founding member of the John Henry society, I never thought I'd live to suggest this, but modern digital technology really can fix scratches quite well.