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18-Feb-2011, 14:11
Here’s some cheerful E-6 news for Washington state – and for everyone else, too.

Beginning this spring, Panda Lab (http://www.pandalab.com/) (in Seattle) will begin offering E-6 processing for large format film – they’ll process 4x5 up to 11x14. Walk-in or mail-in service will be available. This will the first time Panda has offered E-6 services to LF photographers.

Currently – to the best of my knowledge – no Washington lab offers E-6 services for LF film. The last company to do so, I believe, was R&R Custom Color Lab (in Spokane) who, last year, discontinued the service to concentrate better on “1 hour lab” type work.

In fact, Panda will be using R&R’s equipment to make this possible – in a friendly gesture, R&R sent it over the Cascade mountains to them. That’s less junk for the landfill, more services for us!

Panda is currently making room for the equipment, and said they’ll need additional time for optimizing set-up, testing, inspection, and to verify conformity w/ Seattle city codes. Still too early for Panda to set prices, but I suspect they’ll be competitive w/ other West Coast and national services.

The time frame looks like late March or April, Panda says.

Spread the news, share the joy.


18-Feb-2011, 14:27

Brian C. Miller
18-Feb-2011, 14:42

18-Feb-2011, 14:50
I had Panda do some E-6 processing for me while visiting Seattle last year. Great work, fast service.

SW Rick
18-Feb-2011, 16:08
Colormark in Phoenix, which I've used for 4x5 very satisfactorily, offers 8x10 E-6 sleeved for $8. No need to go to Texas!

18-Feb-2011, 16:32
I sure hope the prices are good. There is a lab in Fort Worth, Texas that still does 8x10 E-6, but it costs $30 per sheet!.

Just last week Barron processed some 8X10 for 10 bucks. I just (like while typing) talked to Steve and the are still 10 bucks. The online catalog shows 30 bucks a sheet buth he stated that its a typo:mad: and should be 10 dollars for 8x10 e-6 developement.:D

18-Feb-2011, 16:39
Allied Photocolor in St. Louis.... current E-6 prices

4x5 $3.50
5x7 $5.00
8x10 $6.00
11x14 $20.00

Used them for years with no complaint, Excellent lab and they have tons of other offerings including B&W and C-41 plus all digital services.


John NYC
18-Feb-2011, 20:44
Woot!!! Glad to see this annoucement.

8-Apr-2011, 21:46
Any word on whether Panda is up and running yet with 4x5 E6 processing?

Tom Keenan
9-Apr-2011, 18:47
Am I the only one who misses Ivey Seright??? Good Luck Panda.
Tom Keenan

douglas gove
9-Apr-2011, 18:59
Yes, I also miss Ivey...Waiting for word from Panda Doug

Bob Sawin
9-Apr-2011, 21:55
No Tom, you are not. But, the Panda news is good news!

Best regards,


11-Apr-2011, 14:28
I'm just getting ready to ship more off to California, begrudging the fact that I have to do so. I'm really pleased to hear they're adding this service - thanks for passing on the news.

12-May-2011, 15:17
Looks like Panda needs a little more time for start-up.

No need to worry – their new E-6 services for LF film is really happening, but the start-up date has moved from March/April to July/August.

The hold-up, Panda says, is the need to create new space for their E-6 machinery in a way that interferes least with ongoing services, and the coordination has been tricky. They’ve hired contractors to “punch a hole” in a wall to make the necessary room, and the dusty work, once it begins, will be taking place during weekends. The final steps – city inspections & careful testing – should follow in quick succession.

Then it’s E-6 for 4x5 up to 11x14 – walk-in, or mail order.

I call that heavenly news no matter how many delays…

Eric James
12-May-2011, 18:29
Not to offend Heroique, but this has been the story for the past ~2 year; always 6-8 weeks out.

12-May-2011, 19:07
Not to offend Heroique, but this has been the story for the past ~2 year; always 6-8 weeks out.

Yes, I’m tempted to feel your frustration at Panda’s delay. If they hadn’t already provided me with so many years of excellent work & friendly service, I’d be more skeptical of their efforts to introduce E-6 services for us. These days, as we all know, patience is the name of the game when it comes to expecting new film services from anyone – and prayers! I’m going to keep applauding every small step they take. Deep down, I think this is going to happen...

Eric James
12-May-2011, 19:14
I hear you - I like Panda too.

Stephen Lumry
12-May-2011, 19:18
When dropping off film I have always asked if they were planning to do LF color film and they have been honest and never committed to doing this. I assume they will be doing both E6 and C41 and if so, it is really a great story. I loved Ivey but I also love Panda and wish them the best.

12-May-2011, 22:25
I am so waiting for this :)

13-May-2011, 16:26
I live in the area, where is Panda located in Seattle?


Brian C. Miller
13-May-2011, 16:44
Panda Lab (http://www.pandalab.com/)
533 Warren Ave North
Seattle WA 98109

Lee Weng
9-Oct-2011, 11:24
I am new to the forum. I went to Panda Lab yesterday to drop some 4x5 E6. I was told not ready yet for a few months. In the past, Panda mailed 4x5 films for me to process somewhere else. Not anymore. They told me to Google somewhere in LA. Does anyone know a good mail processing lab with reasonable price?

9-Oct-2011, 13:57
They were perhaps pointing you to A&I.


Daniel Stone
9-Oct-2011, 15:43
give samy's in santa barbara a try, they're $1.70/sheet + return shipping for you out of state folks. Super clean processing and a pretty fast turnaround!

Just an FYI, use UPS or Fedex if sending to them. The mailmen that deliver to the store don't mark an item as "delivered" 90% of the time for me. I've even had some packages mysteriously get returned w/o being delivered to them, and the USPS won't refund postage for some reason... Just pay a bit more for UPS/Fedex Ground, and you'll be set.

These guys do a great job too, for 4x5 E-6 they're not as cheap price-wise, but they're very consistent, and that's what counts :)


A+I charges $4+ sheet IIRC, and I've always had spotty processing with them, unfortunately. The other main LA lab, THE ICON, does wonderful processing, and is super consistent. A little more pricey though IMO. Not sure if they take mail-order processing either...


9-Oct-2011, 16:22
I can vouch for The Darkroom in Northridge CA, too!

Eric James
10-Oct-2011, 00:12
I am new to the forum. I went to Panda Lab yesterday to drop some 4x5 E6. I was told not ready yet for a few months. In the past, Panda mailed 4x5 films for me to process somewhere else. Not anymore. They told me to Google somewhere in LA. Does anyone know a good mail processing lab with reasonable price?

Panda's been telling their customers "in a couple months" since Ivey closed over three years ago. I highly recommend AgX Imaging. Welcome to the forum!

Lee Weng
10-Oct-2011, 13:34
Thank everyone for your recommendations. I called Darkroom today. Their price for 4x5 E6 processing is up to $4.95 per sheet now, almost doubled from what I expect. I will contact other recommended places to find out current prices.

Thom Bennett
11-Oct-2011, 07:05
Don't forget about Praus in Rochester:


If you've got to mail your film out, as I do, just as soon send it to the best.

11-Oct-2011, 16:21
Samy's in Santa Barbara does a solid job on E-6.

Panda bought the dip'n'dunk equipment from the lab in Spokane...don't remember the name. The thing is, they needed to expand their space to accomodate the new gear. That has to be expensive for them.

John Rodriguez
12-Oct-2011, 04:53
Lightwaves Imaging in San Francisco has been really consistent. Not the cheapest at $3 a sheet, but the quality is there.

Lee Weng
21-Jan-2012, 11:11
Here is a report of my earlier inquiry. Thanks for many suggestions from this forum. I sent my E6 4x5 films to AgX Imaging. Mike was very nice. The quality of processing is great.

Robert Opheim
24-Jan-2012, 02:05
I am glad to hear that Panda has set up the E-6 process equipment that they got from R & R in Spokane. I have sent work to R & R through Panda and both do fine work. Thank you for the update Heroique. There may be hope for my large format color work yet!!!!

Now if it will stop snowing and raining in Seattle for a while........

Brian C. Miller
25-Jan-2012, 08:10
Here's what Panda says:

We have an E-6 machine in the middle of a slow installation. Right now we're trying to figure out how to handle 3 or four pipes that happen to be in exactly the wrong places.

We process C41 and E6 roll films.

Dana Drake

Marc B.
26-Jan-2012, 10:08
It would seem that Panda is in no hurry to get the equipment from R&R, up-and-running...if ever?

R&R in Spokane, WA. - has always recommended Citizens Photo, in Portland, OR. - ever since R&R quit sheet film processing.
E-6, in 4 X 5, at $2.25 per sheet - 8 X 10, at $5.50 a sheet. ($-USD)


Also, in Portland, OR. - give Blue Moon Camera a call.


JP Bleibtreu
27-Jan-2012, 13:07
Holland Photo in Austin Texas ( www.hollandphoto.com) still processes all their film in dip and dunk machines. They keep very strict controls over the chemistry and I have only had great experiences with their processing. They operate black and white, E6 and C-41 lines Monday through Friday with developing usually finished the day after you drop it off/send it in. The color machines can handle everything from 35mm to 11x14 sheets and the black and white 35mm to 8x10 sheets.
I live here just outside of Austin but for those who don't no worries, their mail order girl is very friendly and helpful!

Rob Vinnedge
31-Jan-2012, 10:24
I hope that Panda will follow through with that timetable. In the meantime, I have had exceptional luck with Citizen's Photo in Portland, OR. - Great processing consistency with their two processors, very quick turnaround, great prices, and excellent customer service (ask for Greg).

douglas gove
31-Jan-2012, 11:45
+1 on what Rob said...

Brian C. Miller
31-Jan-2012, 12:10
That time table was for last year, 2011. I'm not holding my breath.

What really drives me nuts about Panda is their lab is in one of the most parking-unfriendly parts of Seattle. They are right across from Metropolitan Market on 1st and Mercer, and they are so easy to miss driving by, and their Saturday hours are so short. It's easier to take the bus into that neighborhood. I tried some roll film with Moon Photo, but it looked like their machine left stabilizer chemical tracks on it.

(added) Panda does mail order! $8 return shipping.