View Full Version : Films other than Kodak

Bob McCarthy
18-Feb-2011, 10:38
I'm going to stick my toe into testing other brands.

For years I used Tri-X, then lately T-Max.

But some of my favorite captures are on Bergger, began using and POW discontinued.

I'm am very familiar with Ilford,

where would you start, Efke or Foma.

Thinking 8x10 btw, speed is not too important, reciprocitry is a minor factor unless its ridiculous.

So Brand E or brand F


18-Feb-2011, 11:01
I have used Efke quite a lot in 8X10 and 4X5. I recently finished shooting the last of the Efke I had and am finding I really miss it. I used Rodinal (Adinol) as the developer but know some who do Efke and pyro developers and love it. I came from TMax but really like the character of the Efke film better.

I have not tried the Foma film but like the Foma paper.

18-Feb-2011, 11:13
I've been using EFKE PL25 in 10x8 with great results, always in Pyrocat HD at 50EI. The box's 25 ISO film speed is the Tungsten speed not Daylight.

I've used this film in other formats since the early 1970's when it still had the DIN nomenclature Kb14 - 35mm (Roll - R14 & cut film - PL14).

I've been using Fomapan 100 & 200 in 120 & 5x4 but always at half the box speeds, again with great results, I'll consider using in 10x8 next time I'm ordering film. It develops much faster than other films needing about 75% of the times of other films, that would be an advantage with tray processing.

My main films are now all Ilford but Foma's sometimes easier to find surprisingly so it's my back up and usually gets used for non project work. But the cost of 10x8 has gone through the roof so price plays a greater part, so when I finish my Fortepan 200 (also sold as Bergger) then maybe I'll switch to Foma.