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18-Feb-2011, 09:22

This ended recently, I was watching it creep up from a very low starting bid. To me it seems quite a high price. Am I missing something important? Is it a particularly important make that only those in the know are aware of??

18-Feb-2011, 09:46
Beats me...but UK prices are way out of whack with NA prices, so it isn't too surprising.

Paul Ewins
18-Feb-2011, 16:20
A bit on the high side maybe, but there is a lens there which may be the reason.

Dan Fromm
18-Feb-2011, 17:17
Ash, it seems a thoroughly pedestrian and not very interesting quarter plate camera. Am I mistaken?

There was a recent discussion in the lounge about a Deardorff that the original poster had failed to buy via eBay. In it a person who posts as Leigh stated that it always bid insanely high when it wanted something. That way, it wrote, it always got what it wanted. There was a strong insinuation that it never ended up paying more than it had been willing to. I characterized that bidding strategy as a recipe for catastrophe.

I think the pattern of bids on the camera whose price puzzles you is consistent with several Leighs colliding. The last two bids placed look like insane snipes, pushed the high bidder to insane plus the bidding increment. That's three madmen, one more than needed.

Paul, the lens isn't identified in the listing and doesn't appear to be in wonderful condition.

Alan Gales
18-Feb-2011, 17:55
Never bid more than you are willing to pay. If someone then out bids you forget about it. Yes, they may have won the auction for $5.00 more than your bid but their actual bid may have been for $500.00 more than your bid. A similar item will probably show up at a later date often in better condition or at a lower price. Just be patient and always snipe.

19-Feb-2011, 11:50
Alan, I have the cameras I want. I don't want that camera.

Steven Tribe
19-Feb-2011, 12:16
1/4 plate cameras very rarely go up to this price. These regions are usually inhabited by named stereoscopic cameras or de luxe versions with alumininium edges.

19-Feb-2011, 12:23
I'd pay that much for a mint Heidoscop for sure

Alan Gales
19-Feb-2011, 18:19
Alan, I have the cameras I want. I don't want that camera.

Ash, I was referring to Dan's post above mine about the fellow who bids a huge amount

every time so he always wins the auctions he bids on. As Dan says it is risky behavior

because he may bid against another bidder who bids the same way. This may be what

happened with the camera that you were looking at.

Sorry if you misunderstood me. I guess I should have made myself more clear.


Andrew Plume
20-Feb-2011, 08:51

It's definitely a very high price - 150 would have been about tops in my opinion + there were no filmholders either


20-Feb-2011, 10:03
Hi Alan, no worries. The wonders of internationally text-based communication!

I thought so too Andrew...

Andrew Plume
21-Feb-2011, 02:50
thanks Ash

fwiw a quarter plate Lancaster with holders went for over 400 yesterday over on the big auction site

there's little logic (or consistency) here mind you, I bought a T-P 1/4 plate earlier this month with one holder which c/w a Ross/Zeiss wide angle (which I knew would cover 10x8) for around 90..............- the lens is in outstanding shape

and 1/4 Lancaster's scarcely have any movements either but the T-P does


me, I'm dead happy with the T-P - a definite keeper