View Full Version : Ektar 203mm lens on odd Graflex mount

tom thomas
17-Feb-2011, 17:02
What camera is this lens intended for? It's a 203mm Ektar but it looks like it's mounted on two Graflex 23 lens boards with an extender between them. A photo of the rear lens board shows four nuts holding the assembly together. A pro job, not some amateur so I guess Graflex offered this lens option.

Dan Fromm
17-Feb-2011, 17:30
Graflex wouldn't have done anything so crude.

The 2x3 Pacemaker Crown and Century Graphics are a little short to focus a 203 Ektar usefully close. 2x3 Pacemaker Graphics are the only cameras that those boards fit. Odds are the assembly was made for a 2x3 Crown or a Century.

tom thomas
17-Feb-2011, 17:53
Here's a photo of the back. Other than age, some missing paint, and scratches, it appears to be a stock job. I checked some other photos and it looks like a previous owner wrapped the barrel with black electrician tape, perhaps because of some light leaks.

I gave up bidding on it at $91 and cents. Was I wise or did I miss a good lens? I do have a 23 Minature and a 23 Speed Graphic with 120 roll adapters. Perhaps I could have used it.


17-Feb-2011, 18:09
If it went for only $91, you missed out. I'd go double that if in a working shutter.

Steve Feldman
17-Feb-2011, 18:21
Hi - Take a closer look at your photo. You have a 203mm Optar f7.5 by Graflex.

17-Feb-2011, 19:58
The optar is quite similar and worth similar $. I'm guessing someone make the extension so it could be a long lens for 2x3.

tom thomas
17-Feb-2011, 20:24
Oops, Ektar, Optar. I'm getting old. I meant Optar but was thinking about another lens (Ektar) when I wrote the thread. Slippian Froid I guess.

From the same seller, I did wind up with the f4.5/101mm Optar with the X Sync shutter like the 203mm. Good price from what some have said. Came with the lens mount plate so fits the 23 Speed nicely.