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John Schneider
17-Feb-2011, 12:02
I've never been satisfied with any of the ways of storing threaded filters, from using a filter wallet (never big enough, plus insufficient protection in a crammed pack) to screwing them together (too much unscrewing and chance of dropping one) to using individual plastic cases (too bulky).

What I would like would be a hard case with many slots to drop filters in. The Ebony lens case is exactly what I had in mind (see below; available from Badger Graphic); a similar system in all wood has been used in some sets of military aerial filters that I've seen.

Does anyone know of such a case available commercially? I'd like a few different sizes, including 67 and 86mm.

Keith Pitman
17-Feb-2011, 13:06
I've never seen anything similar to what you are seeking, but you might spend a little time in the Container Store if you have one near you. I've found a number of photographic items there.

Daniel Stone
17-Feb-2011, 13:47

TUPPERWARE(or Rubbermaid)

made in all shapes and sizes, my mother is a rep, and she says Tupperware even makes one(supposedly) JUST for Ritz crackers!

but I'd imagine getting some sort of small box shouldn't be too hard.


what about stacking the filters together(screwing them all together) and putting them in 1 box? might save some space that way


John Kasaian
17-Feb-2011, 14:16
Why not make one, or have one made? A box of Krispy Cremes for the local High School wood shop teacher can probably make that happen ;)

Eric James
17-Feb-2011, 16:01

TUPPERWARE (or Rubbermaid)


or Lock & Lock

17-Feb-2011, 19:08
The problems with a hard case are length and variety. Everyone has different needs.

So you put out a product that's X inches long. Some folks think it's too long and don't want to waste the space, and others think it's too short and don't want to buy two.

Add to that the number of different diameters and thicknesses of filters that must be accommodated in a product line, and you have a formula for instant bankruptcy.

- Leigh

17-Feb-2011, 22:40
Look up some old minidisc cases as long as the filter is not huge it should fit they are 68mmx72mm

Look on eBay. Under minidisc case.. Most of my filters are 67mm...

17-Feb-2011, 22:49
Ooo another idea is 3.5 inch floppy disc cases... They are 88mm wide??

Marc B.
18-Feb-2011, 04:53
You might try contacting this site.


You could also use a three ring binder with those plastic sheets that archive four, 4X5 negs/trannys on each page; one filter in each of the four separations.

Square filter or round, it wouldn't matter, as the pocket size is large enough for either.

Struan Gray
18-Feb-2011, 06:10
Wafer storage and shipping boxes from the semiconductor industry are perfect, but unless you have access to a lab or fab which throws them away after use they are a) stupidly expensive and b) you have to buy hundreds at at time. They do crop up occasionally on eBay or in surplus sales.

Epak (http://www.sps-europe.com/net-book.php?op=product_list&pid_min=0&pid_action=2&catgroup=&category=123&supplier=&pid_shopname=Handling-Shipping) and Fluoroware (now Entegris (http://www.wafercare.com/)) are the ones I've seen most often, but there are others.

Steve Goldstein
18-Feb-2011, 12:37
I haven't seen a 4" (100mm) wafer storage box for over a decade, let alone a 3" that would be more appropriate for most people, I think. Everything around here is now 6" or 8" (I'm an electrical engineer in the IC industry by day). Surplus would be the way to go for 3", if they're not all scrapped by now. My employer, a specialty semiconductor maker, scrapped its 3" fab at least 15 years ago, and we tend to lag the industry!!

R Mann
18-Feb-2011, 12:57
How about plastic petri dishes with lids - 100mm x 15mm - on the auction site they go very for less than $10 for a set of 20.

Struan Gray
18-Feb-2011, 13:23
I haven't seen a 4" (100mm) wafer storage box for over a decade,...

Perhaps I shouldn't have said 'industry' :-)

Our clean rooms are directed at academic research, startups making prototypes, and larger companies trying oddball things on a contract basis. We go down to 1", but there's no automated handling. The more production and small-batch oriented clean rooms I've used across the water in Denmark and elsewhere in Sweden have a minimum size of 3" for silicon, smaller for other semiconductors.

The only filter I use in the field is a polariser, and even that tends to get used more as an ND filter, so I don't follow my own advice when it comes to filters. I do however have a bunch of 4" and 6" wafer boxes for keeping lenses in when not mounted on boards. Perfect - if you can find a supply.

16-Feb-2013, 08:48
Any other comments or ideas for storing filters? Do the wallets really offer any protection?
Thanks for helping another newb.

John Kasaian
16-Feb-2013, 09:03
Tins for pipe tobacco. The round ones with the screw top are rugged steel---you supply the cushion/dividers to keep 'em from ratteling around inside. 4" filters should fit just right. You can even identify you filters by tobacco blend---MacBaren's Latakia Blend for a yellow-green, maybe Dan Milonga for a K2 or Dunhill London Mixture for a red.
I've kept my dry flies in a Douwe Egbert tin for decades.