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16-Feb-2011, 09:53
Greetings everyone, this is my first post.

Iím a beginner LF Photographer and I am requesting assistance as to how the DaYi 6x12 locks into the back of a Sinar F1. After rigorously searching technical books, this forum and other reputable sites, I still cannot visualize how it fastens. Is this a Graflok back? Is the DaYi meant to slip under the spring-back? I'm uncertain and now suspect Iím missing a component. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I've included images for your convenience..

kind regards.

16-Feb-2011, 09:59
i am kinda/almost/not really sure that you must remove the rear part of the sinar back, where the GG is in order to mount the dayi 6x12 back, at least thats how i envision it being.

Joseph Dickerson
16-Feb-2011, 10:14
The Da Yi back will replace the ground glass after you have composed and focused the image. It will not fit under the focusing panel. The two silver "bars" need to be depressed and the gg will slide off, to the right if memory serves. Then there will be two sliders, one at the top and one at the bottom that will slide in to hold the film holder.

I have seen Sinars where someone has removed the locking sliders for some reason or other. Hopefully this is not the case with your camera.

I think you can download a Sinar F/F1/F2 manual off the web which might be helpful.


Daniel Stone
16-Feb-2011, 10:39

on the sinar(and other similar camera) backs, you need to push the silver pieces in the top and bottom middle part of the back, and IIRC, slide it RIGHT(while depressing). It should slide out and away easily.

you then take your 6x12 back, and place it where the g/g assembly used to be(before removing it), and there are (2) sliding pieces of metal, one on the top, and one on the bottom. Those are retain the back in place during exposure.

while holding the back in place, slide each of the metal parts down(and the bottom one UP) to retain the back in place. Both should slide over, with some pressure on the back to keep it retained.

once done, you should be able to pull the darkslide out to the RIGHT(normally).

I'm trying to search and find a video, but I can't seem to right now


16-Feb-2011, 10:43
Thank you kindly for the responses. I will consult the Sinar manual and try the gg removal. I'll post later on how it went. very best to you - Paul.

16-Feb-2011, 10:59
Thank you kindly for the responses. I will consult the Sinar manual and try the gg removal. I'll post later on how it went. very best to you - Paul.

No need for the manual. Put a thumb and a forefinger of one hand on the two chrome knurled bars just above and below the ground glass frame. Push in. These are spring loaded and clip into the film holder frame. Slide sideways, and the clips will disengage. The ground-glass frame will be free to fall to the ground, so don't let go. Remove the ground glass.

After that, you will see that there are two sliding clips, above and below the opening left by the ground glass frame. These clips slide on diagonal slots, and will close over the edge of the 612 film holder when you slide them sideways. Just nestle the holder into the opening, and push those sliders until you see them overlap the edges of the holder.

I use a Shen-Hao 612 holder on my Sinar F frequently, and it works the same. All Graflok backs work this way, but there are some visual differences between them.

Rick "noting that GG removal is not intuitive for a newbie" Denney

16-Feb-2011, 19:16
Thank you rdenney - your step-by-step description was essential. And so true - the sliders which lock the DaYi in place aren't easy to spot. Nonetheless I now have much more respect in the camera's subtle design!

Thanks again for the assistance.