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Cesar Barreto
16-Feb-2011, 09:23
Hi, all.

I'm considering buying one of these cameras, but I'd would like to hear from those who have already tried them.
Actually, I'm found of the beautiful and clever design of Chamonix cameras, light weight and kind of minimalist, but I wonder if having a single knob for front rise and tilt doesn't mean some sort of nuisance on the field.
Shen Hao offers the chance of having both 4x5' and 6x17 backs, wich are pretty welcome, while the other only offers the first option. And one of it's models shows a lot more movements, turning it a more versatile camera.
Any comments are welcome and since I've never had those cameras in my hands, I must trust on what I can get on the screen.
Thanks in advance.

Jiri Vasina
16-Feb-2011, 23:56

when comparing my Chamonix 5x8" and my brother's Shen-Hao 5x7", the usability is not significantly different. Apart from some minor differences (like the single knob for the front standard with the Chamonix) they both handle well.

I personally don't find the single knob to be a hindrance, or nuisance... actually I have never even stopped to think about it. And as far as I remember, I haven't heard my brother say anything about the Shen's way of handling front movements...

(I know that a Chamonix 5x7 may be different from my Chamonix 5x8, but not much... and I have already written some words about the Chamonix 5x8 (http://www.vasina.net/?p=94)...)

Cesar Barreto
17-Feb-2011, 05:38
Hi, Jiri.

Long ago I had a Wisner wich also used a single knob for both movements and almost always I had to double check if some tilting wasn't happening while making rise or fall movement. Your Chamonix behave better on this respect?
I also noticed that the back movement are set on kind of rails and guess if it could introduce some misalignment. Have you notice some trouble on this line?


Cesar B.

JC Kuba
17-Feb-2011, 08:17
When comparing the cost of them you might want to take into account the difference in screens. My Shen Hao's screen is darker than I would like and I'm in the process of replacing it with a better one. I haven't seen a Chamonix, but if my research is correct, it has a brighter screen which may be sufficient. The new screen will add about $40-$50 to the cost.

Cesar Barreto
17-Feb-2011, 15:44
Hi, Kuba.

I'm somewhat used to any kind of ground glass, so that's a minor concern for me, although I agree that brighter screens are always welcome.
Thanks anyway and I shall take care before making my final decision.

Cesar B.

17-Feb-2011, 16:34
Cesar-- I have a 4x5 Chamonix and the front frame has tilt locks that prevent it rotating in the standard when adding rise or fall. There's also a washer system that lets you tilt while the rise/fall remains locked. I believe the 5x7 has the same controls.

Cesar Barreto
18-Feb-2011, 02:49
Hi, Barry.

That's nice to know they found a solution for this and to my taste it adds some points for their cameras. Actually, I've been offered a chance to visit a pair of Chamonix right here in Rio, since a forum member contacted me privately. So I think now I can better evaluate these cameras.