View Full Version : TF-2 Alkaline Sodium Thiosulfate Fixer

kev curry
16-Feb-2011, 03:42
Any good reasons not to use TF-2 Alkaline Sodium Thiosulfate Fixer with HP5/Foma film/510 pyro/PMK developers and Ilford papers?


Vlad Soare
16-Feb-2011, 05:10
Nope. None I can think of.

Ken Lee
16-Feb-2011, 05:14
You might like TF-3 instead.

TF3 (http://www.jackspcs.com/tf3.htm) is "particularly recommended for PMK and other staining developers"....

"Note: To obtain maximum image stain with PMK, reduce the sodium sulfite in TF-3 or eliminate it altogether. If you do this, the life of the working solution cannot be guaranteed beyond one day, but you will achieve the maximum imagewise staining of which PMK is capable."

16-Feb-2011, 06:05
TF2 is good, i use it...
but i use only FOMA papers and Rodinal/A49

kev curry
16-Feb-2011, 06:42
Apart for TF-2 being even cheaper thar TF-3, I thought that maybe TF-2 would smell better than TF-3 when used in open trays? ;-) I still haven't installed any ventilation in the DR.
What say ye?

17-Feb-2011, 01:25
I have been using TF-2 for a little while now only because I had a ton of sodium thiosulfate and I wanted to get rid of it. No odor, but the fixing times are of course long, which is inconvenient. In your case though, the lack of odor is going to be a plus. I typically use Ilford Hypam in the darkroom and TF-5 or Moersch for film because I sometimes use Pyrocat. By the way, I would recommend using a citric acid stop to avoid fumes if you are going to be in a small space.

17-Feb-2011, 03:05
I am also a TF2 User. As a pyrocat user I am looking to minimise the stain reduction caused by acid fixers. I am not particularly concerned with maximising it as I find I get plenty of stain already. One thing about TF2, I have read that as it is not as active as an Ammonium Thiosulphate fixer you should fix for 3 times the clearing time and agitate continuously.

kev curry
18-Feb-2011, 01:43