View Full Version : 159mm f9.5 Wollensak Velostigmat versus 165mm f6.8 Angulon ?

16-Feb-2011, 03:11
It's me again..(hope you are not fed up yet with my "adventures", else simply ignore..:) ..)

Well I have got some trouble with a recently acquired 159m Velostigmat Wolly WA, which are more or less solved (have still to shoot with it though).

The original seller, who is a true gentleman, felt very sorry and wants to give me a partial refund, or he offers me a 165 f6.8 instead (details yet to be worked out).

I am looking for a WA for my 8*10, I only shoot B&W, and contact print.

The Wolly will cover, some (tiny) room to spare, the Angulon will just cover, stopped down to f32 AFAIK.

The Wolly is un-coated, the Angulon single coated, the Angulon is in a less ancient Compur shutter.

Both are no heavy weights it seems.

Would it be advisable to choose for the Angulon instead of the Wolly (if the price is right)




E. von Hoegh
16-Feb-2011, 08:13
First off, the Angulon (a reverse Dagor design) has a total of four air/glass surfaces, two of them internal. The Wolly has eight air/glass surfaces, six of them internal - and none coated. This will likely be the greatest difference - flare.
As for coverage, that will depend on the vintage of the Angulon; however neither lens has huge coverage for 8 x 10.
Then there will be different shutters, the Angulon in a Compur which is a superb shutter ( and might have flash synch). However the Betax with the Wolly is quite a good shutter

Chauncey Walden
16-Feb-2011, 10:00
I have a f/12.5 Wolly and the 165 Angulon. I tested them on 8x10 and the 165 gave soft corners so it went into the whole plate kit. Try your Wolly before you decide. Having said that, the shutter of the 165 will work with a Dagor type 305 G Claron should you happen to run across one in barrel.