View Full Version : 5x7 film holder bag- zipper nylon heavy duty

15-Feb-2011, 19:34
i just purchased from home depot:: husky 12 in document bag item 257 138 fits 5x7 holder or 2 holders (divider) with blacked out inside, zippers , blk outside with a plastic window... only 2.97 each
awesome blows away the zip-lock for 5x7

15-Feb-2011, 19:57

Gordon Coale
15-Feb-2011, 22:00
How many film holders can you get in a bag?

15-Feb-2011, 23:53
two very easy!

Peter Gomena
16-Feb-2011, 08:35
In which section of the store did you find it?

Peter Gomena

Jack Dahlgren
16-Feb-2011, 09:18
You can check inventory on line:

but can not buy it online.

R Mann
16-Feb-2011, 14:55
Hey - Great find - I got a couple of these today, two holders fit with room to spare, I can get three in but it is a tight fit.

16-Feb-2011, 15:20
right its awesome, I just wanted to pass the word on this find.

16-Feb-2011, 15:37
damn these usa bargains