View Full Version : Can not find info on ASTRAGON-COMMERCIAL lens

Dan Kowalsky
9-Feb-2000, 12:29
I just bought an older calumet 400c monorail 4x5 camera and it came with a Astra gon-commercial f=150mm 1:6.3 lems in a Seikosha-slv shutter, ser#97548 . It's sp eeds are 1-500, and B. 6.3/45. The glass looks clean and it has a hint of multic oating. I just tried a few shots of b&w with my polaroid 545i and ther not bad . My questions are: Is this lens ok for landscaping field work in the 150mm range ,and does anyone know the history of the lens and background, is the coverage su fficient for 4x5 ? I would appreciate any info on the subject. Thanks, Dan Kowalsky

Bob Salomon
13-Feb-2000, 09:52
Happy with the results?

Then it is fine for your landscapes.

Unhappy with the results?

Then it isn't.

What difference does someone elses opinion make under your conditions? You are the one that has to be satisfied.

Will it equal a moden lens? No. But then it is far less expensive.

Astrogon was the house brand (private label) for a store in the Bronx Sterling Howard. They have been out of business for decades.

You are probably confusing coating with MC. It is very unlikely a lens that old was multicoated but it was probably coated since it is a post WWII lens.

Dan Kowalsky
15-Feb-2000, 13:12
Thank you Bob for the infomation on the Astragon lens.