View Full Version : Should i lubricate parts on the Calumet CC400?

15-Feb-2011, 14:58
Eg, the track on the rail?

I'd be using dry lubricant (graphite)

Everything was a little stiff so I'm currently cleaning it up well, make it nice and smooth again.

15-Feb-2011, 15:01
Keep in mind anything you put on it will collect grunge and get all over your hands when you touch it.

If I put anything on the rail it would be something like wax.

15-Feb-2011, 15:16
This lubricant doesn't attract that kind of stuff, it cost about $15 for 60mL.

Actually why did I say graphite, this is part of whats in it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polytetrafluoroethylene

15-Feb-2011, 15:22
If the track has collected a lot of previous dirt and congealed grease, use spray brake cleaner on a rag to remove the junk before reapplying any kind of lube. You can also apply it to the drive wheels and axles with a modeler's paint brush to smooth out those workings. Never spray it directly unless you completely remove the rail first. (This camera is remarkably easy to break down and reassemble.)

I used this method on mine and both cleaned it and greatly improved the workings.

15-Feb-2011, 16:08
Its not pressurised.. as just a drop is enough and it spreads out over the area within seconds.

I cleaned the track out with steel wool and made the rail nice and smooth, cleaned all the joints, put a drop of the teflon lube on and worked the joints, wiped away the gunky stuff the lube removed, rinse and repeat till there's nothing left, then remove as much lube as possible, everything is super smooth and locks in nice and tight, was a bit rough before.

Now I just gotta clean the actual body up to make it look new :)

John Koehrer
15-Feb-2011, 17:46
#2 for wax.