View Full Version : Sironar N or S -- let's be real...

14-Feb-2011, 17:31
Hey everybody, I'm considering purchasing a used 150mm Rodenstock Apo-Sironar lens. I'm having a hard time gauging from reviews and heresay whether or not the Sironar S is appreciably sharper than the older Sironar N line. Opinions?

Lachlan 717
14-Feb-2011, 17:51
Just a thought: why not ask whether the Sironar N is sharp enough to not need the S?

Louis Pacilla
14-Feb-2011, 17:52
I think the reason most chose the -S- over the -N -is the extra coverage . Not so much sharpness.

BTW -Not all chose the -S- over the -N-. The -N- is plenty capable & a lot less cash left over for film.

Frank Petronio
14-Feb-2011, 18:00
For mellow landscapes - people - average stuff, the N has enough coverage for 4x5. For architecture, or big movements/distortions, or 5x7, you want the S.

Eric Woodbury
14-Feb-2011, 18:07
I used the N when I shot 4x5, and got the W for 5x7. At that time the W was new (but wasn't called W yet) and the S didn't exist. Now the W is gone. I've never used the S, but the N and W are favorites. The N (or Caltar) don't cost that much and if they have enough coverage (and they do for everything but tall buildings in a single bound), then use the N. You won't be disappointed.

Noah A
14-Feb-2011, 20:13
My new 150 Apo Sironar S is noticeably sharper than my 150 Sinaron S (which if I'm not mistaken is the same as the Apo Sironar N).

I got the new lens for the increased coverage for urban landscapes and architectural work, though sharpness is important too since I'm doing 10x + enlargements from 4x5. I have noticed a difference in sharpness but it takes a good drum scan and big print to see the difference.

So as others have said, if you need the coverage then the S is worth it. And if you're doing large prints the sharpness may be a real advantage.

If you're doing portraits or landscapes and printing 11x14, then I doubt you'll see a difference.

14-Feb-2011, 21:57
I have noticed that Sironar S's are very prone to flare. You need a shade to get the best from them. They can be frustrating, but when you get it right its very right.

Harley Goldman
15-Feb-2011, 16:10
I sold a Nikkor 150mm to get the Sironar S. I shoot landscapes and I really could not tell much of a difference, so I ended up selling the Sironar S, bought another Nikkor 150mm and am perfectly happy with the extra cash. If the extra coverage is important, that is another story. Otherwise, I find all the modern 150mms to be more than sufficient.