View Full Version : Ilex/Caltar 47mm wide angle?

Mark Tweed
14-Feb-2011, 15:40
According to Ilex's own literature (I have the brochure describing them) and a reference from Lynn Jones' wonderfully informative article on 'The History of Lens Design' featured in a series printed in View Camera in 1996, Ilex supposedly offered up a 47 mm 103 degree angle wide angle lens for sale. Now we have all seen the Ilex/Caltar 90mm and 65mm offerings (I have their 65mm) listed on this forum or ebay, but I never seen the 47mm model listed for sale or even a passing reference to it. This wide angle family of lenses was marketed through different distributors with names such as Acugon, Acu-Veriwide or Wide Field Caltar.

I'm surmising that Ilex proposed the 47mm, built prototypes, but never took that focal length into production. Is there anyone out there who actually owns one, held one or even seen one listed for sale? I would love to be proved wrong. Mr. Jones, can you confirm whether Ilex produced these?

Just curious.


14-Feb-2011, 15:56

I just looked in the 1965 and 1970 Calumet catalogs that are features in Cameraeccentric.com and both go down only to the 65mm.

You might contact Seth at that address and see if he has further knowledge.

john wilton
15-Feb-2011, 14:36
Sharp and contrasty Rochester lens. I've only ever come across one of them, and I bought it. Branded Acugon. Misses illuminating the corners of 4x5 by a half inch or so; would cover 2x5 pano. I have the 90mm, and some of the f/4.8 convertible plasmats. They are all excellent, and darn good value. Thanks Lynn!

Mark Tweed
15-Feb-2011, 15:21
Happily proved wrong, thank you John. These must be rare gems indeed. I'm assuming your 47mm John is mounted in a Copal 0 shutter, is that correct? The Schneider f8 47mm Super Angulons I've seen are all in Compur 00 shutters, which is lacking a preview lever forcing you to employ a locking cable release on B. I've also read where for whatever reason, these Schneider 47mm f8 Super Angulons were extremely variable in quality (read, soft).

I'll keep my eyes open for an Acugon 47mm thank you.