View Full Version : Tray processing time for Tri-X & T-MAX 400 in Rodinal

Roger Gerbig
4-Feb-2000, 23:48

I've just gotten back into large format photography after being away for more th an a decade. Previously, I'd developed Tri-X in Rodinal with great success, but I can't remember what development time I used.

I'm in the testing phase, so if you have any recommended developing times for Tr i-X and T-MAX 400, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks, Roger

6-Feb-2000, 22:40
Hi Roger, with Tri-X 4*5, I've recently been using Rodinal 1:25 @ 68 for 7 min. For longer night time exposures, I've been using 1:35 for same 7 min. If you are developing by inspection, I first look at it about 5 1/5 min. into the development and then let it go for around 40 sec, and I do this until I see the highlights where I think I need them to be. Hope this helps, David