View Full Version : 450nikkor -m howmuch?

Gary Tarbert
13-Feb-2011, 07:05
I Have a perfect(looks brand new!!)NikkorM 450mm f9 In copal3 , I am not sure how much it is worth , Any help appreciated . Cheers Gary

Sanjay Sen
13-Feb-2011, 09:13
I do not keep track of equipment prices, but I have seen this lens go for anywhere from $450 to $850 on this forum. The price depends on the condition, of course. You can do a quick search in the classifieds section to see the selling price and the condition of the lens being sold.

Gary Tarbert
17-Feb-2011, 06:18
Thanks , this one is really good so the upper end of the scale would be appropiate.
Cheers Gary

18-Feb-2011, 04:43