View Full Version : Cutting down film without a trimmer?

Scott --
12-Feb-2011, 12:10
Hi, everyone -

I got the Empire State #2 whole plate camera back in working order. Mounted a lens, and it's ready for a test shot or two. I don't have a rotary trimmer, or any kind of trimmer for that matter. And I'm not sure I'm going to like the format yet, so don't want to invest in a trimmer for a few sheets of film. So I ask: Is there a fairly idiot-proof way of aligning a straightedge at the right distance on a sheet of the film in the dark? I'm kind of playing with a two board setup, but don't want to scratch the film in the process.



Scott --
12-Feb-2011, 12:37
Okay, going to use a 1-1/2" wide straight edge and line up the edges of the film and cut with a rotary fabric cutter. Wish me luck!

Scott Walker
12-Feb-2011, 12:57
Just a thought......If you have a fileting glove maybe wear that with an examination glove overtop on your holding hand. You should still have a pretty good feel and grip and if you slip it will save you a trip to the hospital. :eek:

Scott --
12-Feb-2011, 13:23
Not a bad thought, Scott. FWIW, the rotary cutter I'm using is a sewing-type. Has a built-in handle and blade guard.

The test sheet is drying right now. Film cutting was simple, fit the holder perfectly. The lens vignetted with the little bit of rise I used, but I don't know as it'll matter much. But so far, so good!