View Full Version : Where is the best place to buy film holders (outside the US)?

12-Feb-2011, 09:05
I bought some discounted used, second hand filmholders. I noticed that some of the tape was wearing out. I thought I could replace the tape, so i bought them. I replaced the tape. Despite that, there are still some light leaks.

Now I am short of 4x5 film holders. My local photography store (in Hong Kong) charges about 70 USD for each film holder. I'm wondering if there are alternative sources online that you can recommend to me.

I am hesistant to buy from the US because I don't think the cost of film holders will be cost feasible after i include shipping.

Noah A
12-Feb-2011, 09:20
I can't help you with sources outside of the US, but in the US Calumet sells Fidelity Elite holders in a pack of 6 for $159. At about $27 each, perhaps this is cheap enough to make shipping worthwhile?

erie patsellis
12-Feb-2011, 14:54
the tape has nothing to do with the light leaks, as it's the design of the "flap" that ensures it's lightfastness, the tape is just a hinge.

12-Feb-2011, 18:30
Have you try Kowloon Photo (Kowloon Life) at Yau Mai Tee, Wu Sung St. at the back of Wing On Dept Store, whether they still have.

20-Feb-2011, 14:59
might be worth contacting eddie hill here in the uk. He owns the rights to manufacture Gandolfi. When i bought mine from him a few years back he was selling secondhand film holders. You can google Gandolfi and find him...