View Full Version : wigmore lens?

Emil Schildt
11-Feb-2011, 05:18
a friend of mine found a 16" "Wigmore" lens, made by Newton & C London..

Can't find any info about it.

anybody in here?

Pete Watkins
11-Feb-2011, 06:35
Hi Gandolfi,
This might be wrong but Newton & Co.Scientific were makers of magic lanterns and were at one time based in Wigmore Street in London, probably the reason for the Wigmore lens (they had to call them something).3 Fleet Street (where they were known as Newton & Co. Opticians) and 37 King Street were other addresses that they used. They were active from 1852 until 1913.
Best wishes,

Pete Watkins
11-Feb-2011, 06:54
A bit more information from another source suggests that the company folded just after the second world war. They were making electric magic lanterns in those days.

Emil Schildt
11-Feb-2011, 08:21
Thanks Pete. it all makes sense.